MIK-PH5011 pH sensor

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MIK-PH5011 pH sensor increasing the silver ion at the reference sensor part, to enhance the stability and accuracy, suitable for general industrial waste water and discharge solutions.

  • Zero potential point: 7±0.25
  • Conversion coefficient:≥95%
  • Membrane resistance: <500Ω
  • Practical response time:< 1 min
  • Measurement range: 0–14 pH
  • Temperature compensation: Pt100/Pt1000/NTC10K
  • Temperature: 0~60℃
  • Reference: Ag/AgCl
  • Pressure resistance: 4 bar at 25 ℃
  • Thread Connection: 3/4NPT
  • Material: PPS/PC

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  • Specification
  Product   Plastic pH sensor
  Model   SUP-PH5011
  Measurement range   2 ~ 12 pH
  Zero potential point   7 ± 0.5 pH
  Slope   > 95%
  Internal impedance   150-250 MΩ(25℃)
  Practical response time   < 1 min
  Installation size   Upper and Lower 3/4NPT Pipe Thread
  NTC   NTC10K/Pt100/Pt1000
  Heat resistance   0 ~ 60℃ for general cables
  Pressure resistance   0 ~ 4 Bar
  Connection   Low-noise cable


  • Introduction

  • Product advantages

It adopts international advanced solid dielectric and large-area Teflon liquid contact, which has no blockage and convenient maintenance.

Long distance reference diffusion path can greatly prolong the service life of the electrode in harsh environment.

PPS / PC shell and 3 / 4 NPT pipe threads are adopted, which is easy to install without sheath and saves installation cost.

The electrode adopts high-quality low-noise cable, so that the signal output length is more than 40m without interference.

There is no need to supplement the dielectric and maintain it slightly.

High precision, fast response and good repeatability.

Ag / AgCl reference electrode with silver ion.

Operate correctly and prolong service life

Side or vertical installation on the reaction tank or pipeline.

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